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Discord server!

by Adam, 26 May 2020

We now have a discord server for our game Alset!
Here's the link:

Join to hang out and talk with us developers, get access to beta testing, give your opinion on the game, or just post cats and memes.

Subreddit up-and-running!

by Adam, 22 May 2020

We now have a subreddit for our game called r/Alset, where we will post development related videos and updates! The content will be very similar to our Twitter, so in case you've missed it, here's the link.

We also have a Facebook page for... you know... those who actually use Facebook (strange specimens)...

What's happened so far?

by Adam, 23 April 2020

A lot has happened the last few months. We started working on Alset in November, and applied to The Game Incubator here in Skövde. They accepted our application, and even lended us an office space! On one hand our productivity has gone up since we now have a place to work together, but on the other hand, it has a ping pong table right outside... so... you know...

We've also set up a newsletter here, where we send out important updates about our game Alset. By subscribing you'd help us out a lot, and you also have a chance to receive access to closed beta testing and game keys when Alset is released. Don't worry, we will not flood your mail inbox with irrelevant spam! ;)

Some very kind, smart and productive people working hard. For real.
I'm not salty about not being in the picture.

Bonus cat picture

by Adam, 23 April 2020

Thank you for scrolling down this far. Your efforts will be rewarded:

(You're welcome!)